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Liane Hunter
ROI Specialist
Done For You

Do you have a proven offer that you need to scale and get more leads and customers? 

We will take care of all ad targeting, ad images, copy and testing so you can focus on running your business while we scale your leads and customers for you.
Done With You

Do you want to do the heavy lifting of managing your ads, but have guidance on best practices so you can maximize ROI?

We can help you with that.

Our consulting services are done via zoom or skype and we will analyze and help optimize your campaigns live on every call. 

Facebook is just the beginning when it comes to acquiring traffic, and most importantly, new customers.  Your customers are also on Google, YouTube and clicking Native Ads. 

Speaking of Native Ads here are some stats based on website visitor behavior.  

Consumers look and click 50% more often on Native Ads than they do with banner ads/images.

Native ads have a higher conversion rate than many platforms even with only 0.3% CTR. 

Ad blocking is on the rise which and Facebook is tightening their algorithm as well.  Native Advertising is in line with the content on a particular page so it is immune to ad blocking software and is less obtrusive so conversion rate tends to be higher.  

Using our unique ad funnel architecture we identify the correct channels to drive potential customers to your offers. Some channels will yield significantly better ROI for your message, but it is important that we are also reaching them on other channels to indoctrinate and cultivate them to a customer.  A customers attention span is less than 7 seconds so we need to reach them in multiple places to build their trust and obtain them as a customer.

We specialize in creating advertising formatted ads on all the top networks, such as Faceook, Taboola, Outbrain, Google, YouTube and more. We go where your customers go.

Our unique approach maximizes your exposure while generating a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), which gives you the data you need to make a campaign profitable. 

Campaign Management

We manage paid campaigns on networks like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube and Native Ad Platforms.  

Our proprietary approach to campaign management focuses on multiple tests to yield rapid results and high ROI.

We go where your customers are and make sure they never forget your products or brand.

Ad Design

First impressions are everything and attentions spans according to recent data is now less than 7 seconds.  Your ads need to talk with your audience and get their attention quickly.  

Whether we reach them on YouTube, Native Adverstising, or Mobile display advertising our Ideal Customer MindMap ensures we create the best ads on the right platforms so that you get the results you expect.  

Audience Research and Targeting

Understanding your existing customer behavior and dialing in the best method to find more customers is the key to optimizing your ROI.  

We research and locate your prospects through creative segmenting and targeting. 

Retargeting Precision

The work deosn't end when we get in front of your prospects for the 1st time.  We implement what we call our Campaign Amplifier Retargeting process.

We segment audiences according to the action stage and engagement they have taken to make your campaigns more profitable and to ensure buying retention improves with each touch point we have with your customers.  

This is the "secret sauce" to making a campaign profitable.  
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